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Here you will find a bit of astrological insight for the Sun in Libra days ahead.

22 September 2021

Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox!

Sun’s energy is naturally pragmatic. It fosters thoughts as conceived by will. It is the catalyst for conscious decision making. It fuels the prevailing impetus behind societal trends.

Sun In Libra:

A Cardinal sign, its essence is to initiate; this is the energy of beginning, moving outward, getting started, going forward. The potential downfall is over involvement, taking on too much, leaving things begun, but incomplete.

Libra is also an Air sign thus its milieu is the mental, abstract and conceptual. Air sign energy is communicative, gregarious, inquisitive, impartial, tolerant, observant and clever. In its less productive expression Libran energy can influence thoughts to become spacy, verbosely stated, meddlesome and expressed as detachment, flightiness and indecision.

Sun in Libra was designated by the ancients as “In its Fall.” Planets and lights in their Fall are squelched. Their expression is somewhat less robust and more readily diluted by other influences. Hence, Libra seeks allies!


Moon’s energy is naturally emotional. Its position at the Sun’s ingress fosters society-wide feelings, intuitions and memories. Underlying, unconscious motivations take form via Moon energy. These motivations in turn inform the rendering of group decisions of the heart, those experienced on a subconscious level.

Ingress Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries invites a righteous mood among us. It’s a righteousness fueled by urgency and/or reactionary energy. Conscious thought processes respond. It ignites almost automatically, aided by an adjunct energy of change and an inclination to reach beyond certain confines. Yet it lacks stamina. Over time, it burns itself out.

Edginess underpins the subconscious flow. Expressiveness is stilted and tense.

In this flow, the desire, or perhaps need, to win is strong. The group subconscious seeks reward in the form of diminishing fear.

Some respond to the flow in ways that are cruel, perhaps railing and raging against the other. Lack of sensitivity beyond self emerges.

The group’s subconscious motivations respond to the watery Moon influenced by the fiery Aries and Mars energies, themselves well fed by the airy nature of Her waning out of the light. “Double, double, toil and trouble.”





Here you will find a bit of astrological insight for the Sun in Virgo days ahead.

22 September 2021

For now know this: Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox!

21 September 2021

As dawn arrives, our subconscious is facing challenges to the dreamy thoughts of the night before. There is a call to funnel some of that energy to imagining options. The urge to jump into the first good idea that pops up is strong, we know in our depth, that we must rein in our urges. By midday, that inner wisdom has taken hold. Take a look back on the musings of yesterday, pass them through the filter of today. Where does your immediate circle meet? Where can you act together, to co-create?

20 September 2021

A glorious morning of subconscious musings is upon us, the kinds of musings that are nurtured by the winds of change moving in at mid-day. A Moon’s day when She will manifest Her fullest. There is energetic support for connecting, communicating and creating relationship; our group mind senses it. Meanwhile the subconscious is drifting into realms of our deepest highest good. Late tonight, a jolt, a bolt of initiatory impact strikes that same subconscious.

19 September 2021

Societal contentment of the heart is in the air this morning. A good day to dwell in wonder of what the universe may ask of you, or simply to enjoy the day with gratitude. The flow brings us once again to subconscious contemplation of the outside-the-box style possibilities. In a group this evening, bring up fantastical notions of a future world. What do folks truly value?

18 September 2021

It’s Saturn’s day and yet with overnight tides of subconscious connection and the injection of Spirit vibe that enters our subconscious, it is a day of reclaiming a modicum of peace in this societal moment. These feelings grow with the evening. Allow them to carry you for a bit.

17 September 2021

Be prepared for the night leading up to this day to touch off a wave of conflicting emotions. Once again we are stirred to examine our societal values: What do we hold most dear? What is most important, that which has been or that which we can create with compassion? Our day is flavored by these questions. Expect some outcomes or suggested ways forward that are well outside our traditional norms.

22 August 2021

The Sun’s day, moving into Virgo, leaving the context of performance, creation and reward, moving into a permeant of calm, thoughtful, considered action taken for the necessity of it, the acceptance of responsibility. Early morning energy flows with desire for active and immediate change. Inner realms receive a spurt of emotional largess. The Aquarian Full Moon arrives in the wake of these influxes. Yet within the hour, Moon moves on to Pisces. Leaving the high-thinking site of societal well being, there is a shift. This day begins the Cycle’s time of Spirit permeating the atmosphere of our subconscious group being.

A day beginning with the group subconscious desiring happy solutions to our problems, right now. A day for considering how that might be done, formulating some plans with intentions of applying them for the best outcome for all. A day to end by seeking what that greatest good truly is and where it is found.

23 August 2021

Today allows for an aesthetic appreciation of form but not without function. Midday inclinations toward emotionally compelled erratic impulses are not unexpected and may escalate to expressions of discontent and frustration. This evening’s heartfelt conversations may be thwarted by lack of clarity.

24 August 2021

After a night of the highest potential for dreams filled with memories and emotion the day breaks tickled by a sense of change in the field of the shared subconscious. The tickle becomes an itch, or perhaps an irritant as the day progresses. As the day ends attempts to share perspectives are difficult, nothing is quite clear. Yet the potential for solutions can be perceived.

25 August 2021

This is not the best day for romance, romancing or fulfillment of romantic expectations. On the other hand, time spent setting emotional boundaries could be well spent.

26 August 2021

Mind changing energies are afoot this morning. Harnessed, they effect societal consciousness, construct perceptions of what is over and what is coming. The group soul is distraught this afternoon and this evening the heart is bursting, overflowing and pouring forth.

27 August 2021

Today’s best plan is to start something new, and let it be something concrete, real, tangible. Drawing attention to detail and to circulating insights is in the air. Investing in what sooths mind and soul is productive. By evening, as the quest for contentment of conscious and subconscious have whittled the day away, notions of regulation and limitation take form within the heart of the group.

28 August 2021

The day begins with unrest in that group heart, a sense of need for change and of breaking away from what has been the norm, the accepted and expected. While not malicious, the inclination of the group subconscious is toward assertiveness and competitiveness. Tonight the impact of a welcome wave of romanticism and pleasant dreams carries weight upon the group at large.

29 August 2021

Dreams of the collective reverberate with a sense of impending change and not in a small way, more likely looming large and becoming more encompassing. Expressing our dream feelings and memories, sharing them in our community whether close or wide is productive and beneficial for all of us.

30 August 2021

This morning awakening there is an internal struggle around balancing feelings and logical choices. The flow carries the group subconscious in directions of emotions with boundaries, limits on allowances for emotionality and acceptance of some pragmatic conclusions. Midday energy encourages heartfelt discussion. Applying this inclination to starting something new that will speak to the group’s sensibilities is bound for success. As the afternoon proceeds, there is additional energy. Acknowledge and embrace it, the momentum can serve well the goals the collective seeks.

31 August 2021

A night of the group subconscious enveloped in love, romance and poignant memory. By morning an urgent wake-up call to snap out of it and step-to. As the morning progresses, some haze descends and mixed and misconstrued feeling emerge. Remember these tides run through us all, there but likely not realized consciously. Look forward to evening bringing a shift, an uplift in spirit that makes for a more pleasant evening vibe.

1 September 2021

The group deep subconscious overnight is drawn to realms of care and nurturing. Morning brings a heartfelt interest in connecting. Throughout the day awkward attempts are likely among us. Seeking the logic in these discomfiting circumstances puzzles the group consciousness tonight.

2 September 2021

Today’s prevailing subconscious energy is fogginess, lack of clarity and a preference to leave serious thought aside. In the earliest hours of the day this sensation feels engaging and attractive but around midday a powerful shift puts a rough edge on things and friction increases. By the evening hours a smoother flow rides the subconscious tide and the night brings a softer, dreamier feel to the fogginess of the day. Even the encounter with a wave of urgency will not deter the night’s relatively improved subconscious outlook of the group.

3 September 2021

It is an overnight that weighs on our group understanding of what has been and what is inevitably coming our way. Midday we seek affirmation and recognition from our community, our peers, from those for whom we act and perform. Our group soul needs collective kudos.

4 September 2021

Overnight the group heart and mind have been operating at a fast pace and wish to be expressed. Imposed subconscious restrictions leave the group subconscious disquieted. Residual feelings about the earlier sensations struggle with a desire for liberation. As the day is concluding, recognition of the need for caution and practicality in our group interaction is felt. A tinge of sadness clings to our group heart, sentiments around our divisiveness weigh upon it.

5 September 2021

This morning’s initial vibe is sweet and comforting with a flow toward compassion and expansiveness of heart, even just a little uncertain of exactly how to apply it. Late this evening, clarity in purpose teams with the month’s energy of service steering us toward questing for the solution best suited to the societal responsibilities we have declared. Tonight’s solutions will be set in notions of love as an antidote, love as power, love with the power to transform our community, but only with great effort.

6 September 2021

With transformative wonderings set in our group subconscious, continuing energy of do it now and do it with love prevail. The day floats on the wave of optimism this flow brings. Tonight our most deeply held group feelings are plumbed. Simultaneously, we are forced to realize the major changes that must come. This realization is fed and can crystalize in the group consciousness.

7 September 2021

Although our group subconscious, it is not entirely in unison or settled on any given matter. Hence, this morning’s feeling of emotional confusion and misplaced memories creates some contentiousness among us. Later in the day forces combine to deliver a solid dose of urgency for change which we must take steps to make happen now. As the day progresses on, an inclination to seek balance in these changes and to create an harmonious society will permeate the group subconscious.

8 September 2021

An astrologically quiet morning with mostly the daily flow of stay calm, do your duty and mind the details creating the context of our group mind. Midday inclinations to put limits on our emotions creep into the subconscious giving us much food for thought as we delve into deep conversation within our group soul.

9 September 2021

A second day of being drawn into the conscious realms of the group’s directive to take our responsibility to the community seriously. This evening’s flow broaches the subconscious arena reminding us of the major changes we must face.

10 September 2021

The overnight wave of pure love in the depths of our group soul allows the possibility of peaceful, restful dreams. Greater depths are plumbed as the night goes on, drawing us to inward places that may linger in our subconscious as the day begins. Much later in the day, the interjection of a wave that brings notions of practicality and pragmatism upon our hearts must be reckoned with.

11 September 2021

As a nation, we are hyper-aware of this date and the overnight leading us to it purveys restlessness within our group soul. There is, as our day gets underway, a unifying trend in the flow, a group memory that is held also today right at the front of our mind. This afternoon, as the day has tempered our contentions and divisions momentarily, a taste of somewhat euphoric well-being is felt. Closing the day these feelings become more complex; they grow and morph and implore us to make the changes our group soul recognizes are necessary.

12 September 2021

Thus, a somewhat fitful overnight where our group subconscious feels urgency to action is a natural next influx. The day progresses us to a place of heartfelt knowing. We can invest our emotional wisdom in the times of restructuring that lie ahead.

13 September 2021

On this Moon’s day, our subconscious is filled with a sense of knowing where our societal compassion must be directed and with whom it must relate.  Our idealistic visions are held in check lest we make assumptions that will not serve our greatest good in the long run. Yet our shared realization of the need for a large scale plan is implanted in our group subconscious.

14 September 2021

This morning the group consciousness is set on no nonsense and rejection of the far-fetched or flighty. We feel the push but we feel unsettled by its direction or intensity or – something that is not entirely clear, repugnant though it is. The evening brings little relief as our group subconscious experiences inhibition of its purest expression.

15 September 2021

This morning begins on a slightly higher note because we have a sense of renewed empowerment. A day for us to explore possibilities with willingness and discernment. Expressing our heartfelt shared emotions is challenging as the day progresses. Know that the struggle appears worthwhile as we look back on it tonight.

16 September 2021

Overnight, our societal pragmatist and idealist are in alignment. Our deepest subconscious sees that change is inevitable. As mid-day approaches, an influx of changed perspective is initiated. An inclination to examine motives and means is upon us. Tonight the logic in certain change is very clear within our group consciousness.


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Contemplating the Old Year Passing, the New Year Approaching and Astrology

With just a few days remaining in 2016, with so many comments being shared about the stress and pain of 2016, with so much yearning for the end of 2016, we are creating a very high level of expectations for 2017…

Honoring a collective sense of – I name it – ‘peril’, we come together to nurture hope…

We share our experiences, finding connections. We extend ourselves outward, building support. We offer knowledge, yielding comfort through explanation…


  Thoth and Mercure…


Here I 0ffer knowledge which is widely held and verifiable under the auspices of any number of Astrological organizations, including ISAR, AFA, Kepler College and Sophia Centre.

Well, that was a Saturnine thing to say in the midst of so much peace, love and understanding. Nevertheless, as I peruse my chosen social media, I am struck by my desire for more true knowledge being disseminated as well as much less hearsay and mis-conclusions.

Astrology is a platform for offering explanations. Without question, this ability is one of its greatest strengths. Astrology’s own platform is amazing, complex and not to be trifled with. I offer the following astrological insights as we step out of 2016 and into 2017.

Regarding 2016, Uranus and Pluto have been the dominant planetary forces. They have been at odds for months, in a more or less precise configuration, creating a combination which generates shocks, surprises, changes of course – at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments, a sense of need, to hang on – even to cling – to what makes/made sense, but a recognition of each transformation as opportunity knocking.

Astrology offers us insight: What propensities are being nurtured? What challenges will be presented? How will I address these propensities (good and bad), and handle these challenges? Astrology is knowledge to be applied in making good choices.

Regarding this week, the final week of 2016, Uranus and Pluto linger still. Meanwhile, Jupiter has joined their configuration in rather difficult relationships. Jupiter, the Benevolent, the Father, the Maker of Abundance, all true. Also true? Too much, more than enough and over expansion are also Jupiter’s expressions. Yes, heavy, sad and down, exacerbated.

Astrology does not create, maintain nor inflict good or bad, kindness or evil. Astrology reveals potentials and possibilities; it reveals questions to be answered; habits to be employed, or perhaps overcome. Astrology does not do these things by being simple (e.g.: “It must be because Mercury is in retrograde!” or having a single track focus (e.g.: “I’m a Gemini.”), nor by having simple answers to life’s questions, or world problems (e.g.: “Planet – Square – Planet” with no discussion of what that means).

There is a notable Astrological shift taking place right now which may influence us, or you. Uranus, which spends, from our Earthly perspective, about half its time in retrograde, is currently stationing into direct (forward) movement. Because the farthest away (outer) planets, like Uranus, spend so much time in retrograde, their shifting tends to be the most influential period. Hence, it is another factor to consider regarding the increased sense of peril described by many of us.

Uranus always instigates change. The most likely particular change may be found in other Astrological indicators, or it may be right there in the pit of your stomach, or the depth of your soul, just waiting for you to recognize it.

Astrology of any given day is informative, but it is limited due to lack of context, and moreover, precision. To set the context and to maximize the transits of each day, week, month, year, it is best to put your own natal chart at the center of the picture. Ask: Where do I stand in the Astrological Universe? What is influencing me and how might I respond? Making the most of Astrology requires honoring and applying the full depth of its tenets.

Moonbeam Mage, Contemplation, and the Essay…will continue…

Dark Moon_mtns_thCAXLJZ0OMake the most of final hours, final Dark Moon of 2016

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Astrology for Pagans

Hermes TBegins 25 October 2016, 9PM ET: Astrology for Pagans.

An on-line class offered by Ardantane Pagan Learning Center.

Join Moonbeam Mage, Tuesdays for 4 weeks.

Explore astrology from a down-to-Earth, Pagan perspective, including your relationships with the planetary deities, becoming aware of the energy tides around you, and how to perform astrological divination.

Registration is open at Ardantane.org > Courses and Retreats, See: October course offerings.

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Astrology for Pagans One

Ourania_by aelirenn


Register today! Only 24 hours left to get it done.

Join Moonbeam Mage on-line for  this learning experience in the basics of Astrology.

Learn the reality of the old adage, “as above, so below.”

Discover new power to boost your Magicks.

Register at Ardantane.org > Events


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Ardantane’s Astrology for Pagans One with Moonbeam Mage

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus


Pagans, Wiccans and People of Magick in general, have special uses for Astrology. Many of these applications have been lost, but many were simply forgotten, pushed aside or just tucked away because they are too much trouble. This course offers the student an opportunity to begin to retrieve these overlooked and underused Astrological practices and apply them to her or his life.

This class is designed with that goal in mind. We will learn about and explore Astrological symbols, meanings, tools and techniques that you can apply to your practices right now, and for years to come. We will also begin to build the foundation of your learning to read and understand natal charts – mostly via working with our own charts, cast during the course of our studies.

Register now for the four classes of “Astrology for Pagans One,” beginning Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 9PM EDT on-line via WebEx.  To register, go to Ardantane.org  > Courses & Retreats, scroll down to June: “Astrology for Pagans One.”

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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Evolutionary Astrology for Pagans Two

Nodes & Quote_EA Two


Moonbeam Mage will be teaching “Evolutionary Astrology for Pagans Two” on-line for Ardantane. The course will run 4 weeks on Tuesday nights. Start date is 5 April and the class will be at 9:00 PM EDT.

This course will refresh our first steps in Evolutionary Astrology and take us further into the intricacies of its nature and application. Read the full course description at: Ardantane.org

Feel free to contact MoonbeamMage@gmail.com  if you have questions.

Go to: https://www.ardantane.org/ > Courses and Retreats to register.


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April New Moon in Aries

Bradenton FL, 18 April 2015, 2:56:18 PM

Bradenton FL, 18 April 2015, 2:56:18 PM

Here is a reminder that the New Moon is tomorrow, 18 April 2015.  In Bradenton FL at 2:56:18 PM.

First, this means tonight is the Dark Moon (Aries). On the Dark Moon night, of all phases, the veil is the thinnest.

Second to know is that tomorrow at the New Moon, She begins to wax.

Third, Her Fullness (in Scorpio, 11th House) will be reached on 3 May 2015, in Bradenton FL at 11:42:37 PM.

On that Full Moon weekend (1 May – 3 May), Pagans all around the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate Beltane. Some Pagans celebrate Beltane according to the Full Moon closest to midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice (Yes! This one.)

Perhaps among the celebrating Pagans there are those who will invite the Young Oak King, or the Stag Horned God or the Green Man and maybe Flora, or the Goddess of the Spring or Blodeuedd to join there Fire Circles, Sacred Rites and Beltane Rituals. Faeries and Devas dwelling in every realm known and unknown will be included in the invitation to join the revelry.

So here we are, at the best night of the year to begin our call to the Spirits of Beltane!

Start the summons tonight – when the veil is thin, transparent, ethereal. Call to Faerie, Deva and Undine, call to the God and the Goddess!

Then, be sure to send it out each night, as Her Lunar power grows, as She waxes to Her fullness on a night most auspicious, until that Beltane celebration around the Bal – Fire, when surely All Spirits of Beltane will be with us!

)O( MM

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July New Moon in Leo

Once again the New Moon is with us. Tonight (25 July), as I write, is the night of the Dark Moon and by tomorrow evening (6:42 PM EDT) She will pass into Her Waxing time.

Tonight’s Dark Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer. This is the domicile of the Moon; She is at home, comfortable and Her energy is gentle, nurturing and giving. If you venture into the deepest layers of your own inner workings on this night, She will be kind to you, guide you and keep you safe there. Trust Her Lunar wisdom.

NM_Leo_stars_thBefore the Sun rises tomorrow (26 July), the Moon will rise – He at 6:51 AM EDT, She at 6:37 AM EDT. Such is their journey at this time of Her cycle; they rise and set close in time to each other. As the morning moves toward mid-day (at 10:55 AM EDT), the Moon will pass from Her home in Cancer into the Sun’s domicile of Leo. It is in their close proximity in the same astrological sign that we define the beginning of Her cycle. We call Her the New Moon as they reach their conjunction (6:42 PM EDT), the closest astrological angle they make to each other in a month.

In Leo the Moon feels the strength of the Sun’s will, the power of His desire to achieve self-actualization and the force of creative energy flowing. She has been in Her Dark time, dwelling and moving ever inward. Now, simultaneously She moves into Her phase toward the Light and into the sign of the Sun’s greatest influence. Her journey and ours is thus empowered and Her will is Divine.

If you feel yourself seeking the ideal in all things, good and bad – perfect love, absolute hatred, perfect wisdom, absolute irrationality, perfect forgiveness, absolute cruelty – you are under Her influence. The energy of the New Moon disdains compromise. It craves the pure and undiluted. Naturally, reality holds no such perfection; there will be disappointments.

Yet, we will be filled with the desire to face the new, the unexplored and the fresh. Our mind set is, “anything is possible” under the New Moon and this energy can be put to good use. From the most complex to the most mundane, if you desire to become pregnant or simply to get a good start on your latest jigsaw puzzle, under this New Moon is a grand opportunity to seize the energy and make it happen.

Or, enjoy the free spirit within yourself. Ask your inner child what s/he would like to do. Do something you usually do not allow yourself to indulge in. Recall the feeling of youth, always looking forward, anticipating the unknown and the unpredictable. Revel in the child-like ability to transform your surroundings with your imagination.

This wondrous New Moon energy can also be put to practical use. If you have been close, but holding back on certain investments, buying a new home, or getting married – the New Moon energy – and as She continues to Wax – is a grand time to get on with any of these new starts. If your garden is abundant with vegetables, fruits, or herbs, it is a perfect time to harvest and put by your bounty. Perhaps you are a diviner of the future? New Moon and Waxing Moon energy carries your gaze into the near future so that you may discern answers to short term questions you may have about tomorrow, or later this week.

A caution, however, this empowering energy can lead to over-indulgence of our self-serving purposes. Find someone who would benefit from sharing your passion to go, do, and get started. The benefit of your investment is bound to grow if you have each other to keep yourselves in check.

Waxing CrescentAs the Moon Waxes and moves on through the Zodiac, Lughnasadh – the first harvest – is also approaching. At the Summer Solstice we entered the “Tide of Reaping.” Now we approach the halfway point of the tide. Even as we see the product of our labors come to fruition, new labors begin. Like the journey of our Soul, the journey of Mother Moon and the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the cycles are ever ending and ever beginning…

Some New Moon Goddesses  

Diana (Greek) – the Waxing Crescent is called Diana’s Bow by some.
Gungu (Aryan)
Jarah (Hebrew)
Juno (Roman)
Kuhu (Aryan)
Prosymna (Greek)
Sardarnuna (Sumerian)

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

18 July, 10:18 PM EDT to 19 July, 4:43 AM EDT
21 July, 10:13 AM EDT to 12:37 PM EDT
23 July, 8:53 PM EDT to 10:59 PM EDT
25 July, 9:53 AM EDT to 10:25 PM EDT
27 July, 8:37 PM EDT to 28 July, 11:37 PM EDT
31 July, 10:47 AM EDT to 12:09 PM EDT
1 August, 10:58 PM EDT to 2 August, 10:57 PM EDT
4 August, 1:43 PM EDT to 5 August, 6:19 AM EDT
6 August, 10:52 AM EDT to 7 August, 9:38 AM EDT
9 August, 4:09 AM EDT to 9:52 AM EDT
10 August, 6:12 PM EDT, to 11 August 8:55 AM EDT
12 August, 12:01 PM EDT to 13 August, 9:00 AM EDT

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June New Moon in Cancer

As the Moon wanes past Hecate’s sickle – that last crescent before She is dark, Moonbeam Mage finds herself pondering the nuances of this Phase of the Moon. Some will say, “Ahh the New Moon is upon us.” Others will call Her “The Dark Moon.” Let’s sort through these assignations and explore the energy available.

New Moon_graphicIn Bradenton, Florida, according to Solar Fire software, the Moon will be exactly conjunct the Sun astrologically (both at 05 degrees Cancer 37’) at 4:08:19 AM on Friday morning 27 June. This coincides (they round to the next minute) with the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department (USNOAAD) stated time for the New Moon in the same location as 4:09 AM Friday. When the Sun and the Moon appear to be in the same place at the same time from Earth, the Moon is dark to us. Her back to the Sun, Her shadowy shape is barely discernible. Hence, She is the Dark Moon.

See how it goes, the USNOAAD publishes a time for the New Moon. Astrology talks about the Sun and Moon conjunct and astronomically we observe that at that moment She is dark to us – the Dark Moon. In fact for hours leading up to that conjunction, She is Dark. Notice the Current Moon depiction in the upper right corner on this page, if it is late Thursday the 26th or early Friday the 27th  (the closer to that 4:08/09 AM time the better), that depiction is showing you a completely black disk.

It is widely agreed that the energy of the Moon as She wanes is a diminishing energy; it is flowing in an outward, leave-taking direction. Wise Women and Cunning Men have long understood this energy as best for sending away the unwanted, tossing out the unwelcome and sending forth the no longer needed. As long as the Moon is waning, until She passes that point of conjunction, these are best practices for Moon Magick. Not to be NewMoon_Cancerforgotten, She is also basking in Cancer, the Moon is in Her domicile, at home where thoughts go to family, loved ones and nurturing open arms.

As She approaches Her Dark Phase, another realm opens to our exploration: Divination. Drawing us in, showing us the way to the inward void of deepest knowledge, the Moon facilitates our seeking. Tonight (as I write on Thursday afternoon) is the time during every month when the veil thins and we have our easiest access, with the guidance of Mother Moon, to the realms outside the one we walk daily. This month, Neptune will be Her companion. His power is to create illusion or clarity – you must see for yourself, in the Tarot, the Scrying Mirror, with your favorite divinatory tool. Pluto will also be reaching out to Mother Moon, attempting to strike a balance with Her. Heed his call to transform, to evolve, to move past what needs moving past, so that you may begin again.

Once the Moon moves on along Her path and leaves the direct spotlight of the Sun on Her back, She begins to wax. The New Moon is gathering energy to Herself; She begins to replenish and build toward Her Full Phase once again. Once we see Diana’s bow, within 2 to 3 days past Her Dark Phase, you will know that new beginnings, new projects, new thoughts and new ideas all have begun to bud toward blossoming.  Any fresh starts or new start-ups you have been planning – these first hours and days of waxing the Moon encourages us, “Do it now!”

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

21 June, 6:25 PM EDT to 11:04 PM EDT
23 June, 9:50 PM EDT to 24 June, 7:07 AM EDT
26 June, 7:57 AM EDT to 5:07 PM EDT
28 June, 9:04 PM EDT to 29 June 4:44 AM EDT
1 July, 6:01 AM EDT to 5:24 PM EDT
4 July, 12:22 AM EDT to 5:44 AM EDT
8 July, 11:31 AM EDT to 3:24 PM EDT
10 July, 8:20 PM EDT to 11:25 PM EDT
12 July, 9:57 PM EDT to 11:07 PM EDT
14 July, 3:23 PM EDT to 10:41 PM EDT
16 July, 8:58 PM to 17 July 12:07 AM EDT
18 July, 10:18 PM EDT to 19 July, 4:43 AM EDT
21 July, 10:13 AM to 12:37 PM EDT

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June Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius_Purple_StarsHave you seen the many posts on the social media sites regarding this week’s June Full Moon? There seems to be a certain amount of interest – excitement even, within the community of people who pay some attention to the Moon’s phases that the Full Moon will be on Friday the 13th.

Granted, if you live in the US in the Eastern Time Zone, the Moon will reach Her Fullness on Friday, 13 June – just before 12:12 AM. That is, just after midnight on what most of us will still be thinking of as Thursday night – if we are not fast asleep and past the point of thinking about what day it is! When we get up Friday morning, the Moon will be setting (7:06 AM EDT) and She will be a good 4 degrees past being Full.

If your practice is to celebrate the Full Moon, to hold an Esbat Ritual, and you wait until Friday night – well, sad to say, the Full Moon will already have passed. By sunset Friday evening, 8:26 PM EDT, the Moon will not only have moved on more than 12 degrees from her position of Full at 22 degrees Sagittarius 05 minutes, She will have moved into the next Astrological Sign of Capricorn. Of course the circumstances will be similar if you are inclined to wait for the Moon actually to rise on Friday night before beginning your Ritual. She will rise at 9:03 PM EDT, allowing Her to move another half degree or so into Capricorn.

Celebration of the Full Moon often entails an assumption that the Moon is at Her maximum influence. We understand that as She waxes, Her power increases and at the moment of Full Her power peaks. After that moment, Her power begins to diminish, She is waning. Yes, there is still great energy available, but if you accept the idea that diminishing energy creates a significantly different flow from building energy, then knowing which is going on is tantamount to planning your Ritual.

Likewise, if you have planned your Ritual for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, but you wait until Friday evening when She has moved into Capricorn, you will be working with very different Moon energy. A Sagittarius Moon inspires and stirs our passions and ideals. She encourages us to seek our visions and revel in freedom. The Capricorn Moon speaks to us of responsibility, rules and boundaries. In essence this Capricorn energy is the antithesis of the Sagittarius energy. Waxing Sagittarius will be available Thursday evening at its highest levels, and reach its maximum at 12:12 AM EDT Friday morning.

Perhaps you include consideration of the Planetary Day in your Ritual planning? Thursday is the day of Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius. This coinciding occurrence is empowerment from the Natural Magick surrounding us!

2014_FM_June_Planet Hours chartConsider this, between Moon rise Thursday night at 8:03 PM EDT and the moment of the Full Moon, the order of the Planetary Hours will be: Mercury’s, the Moons (!), Saturn’s, Jupiter’s (!), Mars’s and the Sun’s. Once again, a Ritual performed between 8:21 PM EDT and 9:13 PM EDT (the Moon’s hour), or between 10:04 PM EDT and 10:56 PM EDT (Jupiter’s Hour) will be done in an environment of energy flowing, working and empowering your Magick to the maximum extent. Depending upon the goal(s) of your Ritual, you may choose one or the other.

In the complex world in which we live we suffer exposure to so many thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Sometimes gross over generalizations are made that sound intriguing, or look like events of importance. Sometimes there is some truth, some useful kernel of Natural Magick involved. Other times, the Natural Magick is obscured or overlooked. Whatever you may make of Friday the 13th – a fairly recent (19th Century) folklore invented in the Western world, Astrology offers you ancient knowledge that is tried and true. When pondering what is Above and thus what will be Below, Astrology is a most reliable companion.

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

8 June, 3:48 PM EDT to 9 June, 6:39 AM EDT
10 June, 10:22 PM EDT to 11 June, 11:24 AM EDT
13 June, 12:13 AM EDT to 1:06 PM EDT
15 June, 2:36 AM EDT to 1:28 PM EDT
17 June, 2:08 PM EDT to 2:27 PM EDT
19 June, 3:07 PM EDT to 5:27 PM EDT
21 June, 6:25 PM EDT to 11:04 PM EDT
23 June, 9:50 PM EDT to 24 June, 7:07 AM EDT
26 June, 7:57 AM EDT to 5:07 PM EDT
28 June, 9:04 PM EDT to 29 June 4:44 AM EDT

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